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Flint wall verses Buddleia

While the undergrowth is still fairly clear it’s a good time to have a really good look at your old stone and flint walls, especially if they have been built with lime mortar. We tend to associate the decay of these structures with things such as ground movement and weather conditions, but a smaller more innocent looking foe can create equal havoc. Ivy is right up there on the list and its searching root system will find its way into the smallest crack and spread within the heart of the wall.

The main culprit on this flint wall is a self seeded buddleia and a little further along an elder has also made itself at home. Left un-checked its roots have penetrated right into the centre and forced one of the flint cobble faces clean off. Luckily it isn’t too late to rescue the wall by stopping the growth, but some extensive restoration will be required once the hard frosts allow lime mortar work. Catching these plants before they become too established can save a lot of time and money.


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